Introducing our team, a glimpse into who we are


Meet the passionate and talented individuals behind our company! Our team is committed to driving innovation and creating a collaborative work environment that fosters growth and success. Get to know the people who make our company exceptional, and learn about their unique skills, experiences, and the shared values that drive our mission forward.


Mr. Ulmanu Lucian


Mr. Ulmanu is the founder of ARKA and a seasoned business leader with 16 years of entrepreneurship responsible for the company's overall strategy

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Mr. Ph.D. Eng. Frîncu Cezar


Mr. Frîncu Cezar is an experienced technology executive with over 10 years of experience in industrial design and mechatronics

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Mrs. Chihaia Andra


Mrs. Chihaia is an experienced human resources executive with over 12 years of experience in leading HR operations and driving people strategies that support organizational growth and development

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Mrs. Ioance Alice


Mrs. Ioance is an accomplished finance executive with over 10 years of experience in leading financial operations, developing and executing growth strategies, and driving operational efficiencies

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Mrs. Colțea Laura

Marketing Director

Mrs. Colțea Laura boasts an impressive track record of over two decades in the field of marketing

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Mr. Diaconu Alexandru

Head of Industrial Software Automation

Mr. Diaconu is an accomplished professional with 9 years of experience in the field of Industrial Software Automation

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Mr. Băsescu Marius

Head of Electromechanical Automation

Mr. Băsescu, the Head of Electromechanical Automation has extensive expertise accumulated over a decade in the industry

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Mr. Saraolu Alexandru

Chief Accountant

Mr. Saraolu has 14 years of experience in financial management and reporting, and is a highly skilled accounting professional

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Mr. Militaru George

Project Director

Mr. Militaru is an experienced professional with a strong background in project management and European funding programs

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Mr. Urzică Marius Andrei

Plant Manager

Mr. Urzică Marius is a highly skilled Plant Manager with a strong background in mechanical engineering and a passion for innovative design

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Mr. Șerb Constantin

Paint Shop Manager

Mr. Șerb is a highly skilled and detail-oriented professional with 17 years of manufacturing industry experience

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Mr. Marcean Florin-Marian

Head of the Logistics Department

Mr. Marcean is a logistics expert who effectively oversees and manages all aspects of operations within his department

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Mr. Ing. Nedelea Sergiu

Mechanical Parts Production Manager

Mr. Nedelea is a dedicated and highly skilled Mechanical Parts Production Coordinator with 9 years of experience in the field, including an impressive 6-year stint at ARKA

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