for your smart parcel locker network

Our agnostic software solution caters to the dynamic needs of the logistics and e-commerce sectors. It features six advanced modules, relieving clients of all worries and concerns.

ARKA Core Platform

Introducing the ARKA Core Engine of our smart parcel locker software ecosystem: the powerful and intuitive heart of our delivery concept. This core module includes all access ramifications and provides a complete perspective on the functionality and interactions across all modules.

Locker Tablet

The Locker Tablet module is designed to facilitate interactions directly at the locker site. With an intuitive touch interface, users can easily manage their parcels, access lockers, and retrieve important information about their deliveries.

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is a powerful tool for administrators, offering a centralized platform to oversee and manage various aspects of the parcel locker system. Administrators can monitor locker statuses, track usage statistics, and address any issues that may arise.

Carrier Portal

Tailored for carriers, the Carrier Portal streamlines parcel management tasks. Carriers can efficiently update delivery statuses, allocate parcels to specific lockers, and access real-time information about locker availability, optimizing the delivery process.

Mobile App

The Mobile App brings the convenience of parcel management to users' smartphones. With a mobile-friendly interface, users can remotely control locker interactions, receive notifications, and track their parcels on the go, enhancing flexibility and accessibility

Partner portal

The Partner Portal serves as a collaborative platform for business partners and stakeholders involved in the parcel locker ecosystem. Offering a tailored interface, it facilitates communication and coordination among partners, allowing them to manage shared resources, exchange information, and collectively contribute to the efficiency of the parcel delivery network. 

Each module from the Software undergoes a thorough analysis and is built concerning the five fundamental principles:  

Agnostic, User-Friendly Interface, Live Ecosystem, Analytics Report, and 24/7 Availability

Every detail is considered for customer convenience on two levels, B2B and B2C.

Agnostic Solutions

Our software solution allows companies to use the system on their own hardware devices or customize it, respecting business purposes. 

Customization workflow

Our configuration choices allow you to customize your locker system to align with your specific parcel management workflows.

User Friendly interface

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface empowers administrators and end-users, offers an excellent process of tracking packages, and ensures that real-time notifications are seamlessly managed.

Complex Live Ecosystem

Live Ecosystem includes 6 branches. There are: live tracking, performance monitoring, security alerts, treatment identification, network health, and remote access control.

Analytics Reporting

Our software solutions include a data analytics model that helps your business monitor performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions.

24/7 Availability System

Our system boasts BLE and GSM network capabilities, supporting online and offline mode without constant power or an internet connection. 24/7 availability for seamless access to deliveries is guaranteed.


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