The SunCharge Locker

Revolutionizing Delivery: Revolutionizing Delivery: The Next-Gen parcel locker that's changing the game  

Our team has created a cutting-edge solar-powered autonomous battery locker called ARKA SunCharge, which has undergone eight iterations since its inception in the autumn of 2022. This Next-Gen parcel locker has peripherals previously only found in traditional machines, making it the most technologically advanced solution available in Europe and possibly worldwide.

Energy Efficient

Equipped with an advanced solar control module, the locker's energy consumption has improved by 530% to just 1.7 Wh.

Outdoor Use

A new electrical heating system for the battery compartment allows battery charging in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

Remote Access

We incorporated a new 4G Mobile Router with an "always ON" feature, ensuring continuous remote access to the router. 

Superior Interface

We introduced a 7-inch LCD color touchscreen interface, offering high performance usability compared to traditional keyboard or non-touch displays.

Battery use

Battery life of battery can extend up to incredible 12 years.

Power consumption

Implementing a new electronic logical control board resulted in a further 75% reduction in power consumption.

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Default Specifications

Further, we will be showcasing the key features of the SunCharge Locker, elevating this machine to one of the most cutting-edge lockers ever designed for courier and postal companies.

Customizable outdoor paint and UV resistant

Galvanized metal sheet exterior structure

Special battery for outdoor use, resistant to thermal fluctuations and autonomy for up to 15 years

Maximum weight per compartment: 35 kg (77 pounds)

Bluetooth connection (module produced by ARKA)

Total locker weight including counterweight 600 kg (1323lbs)

Common chassis for the columns with height adjustable stands

Electromagnetic locks

S, M and L compartments available

Solar panel

Customizable compartment dimensions

Rust protection with 5-year warranty

Touch screen display

Rack system for easier accessibility

Remote reset

Optional Features

ARKA's Solar Powered Energy Autonomous Battery Locker stands at the forefront of locker technology. With its cutting-edge hardware and software features, it offers unparalleled convenience, security and maintenance capabilities.

4G + GPS

GSM module and encrypted communication

Electrical module for CCTV with SD memory and 1 camera produced by ARKA (snap video)

Ultra secure software feature - recognition of biometric data

QR scanner

SLA available

Fleet management software


LED lighting system

Proof of delivery

Alarm System with Vibration Sensor and Siren

Encrypted electronic key

Vibration sensor


Modular system (add-on column)

Overall Dimensions
Width: 1357 mm
Height: 2110 mm
Depth: 780 mm
Compartment Dimensions
Width: 440 mm
Height: 85 mm
Depth: 610 mm
Width: 440 mm
Height: 180 mm
Depth: 610 mm
Width: 440 mm
Height: 370 mm
Depth: 610 mm

Solar-powered package locker Control Features

Remote heartbeat

We incorporated a new 4G Mobile Router with an "always ON" feature, ensuring continuous remote access to the router. For optimal operational control and security, the router must remain powered continuously. Currently, aside from the SunCharge Locker, no other Next-Gen locker possesses this capability, resulting in restricted access between the locker and the server. 

A remote heartbeat is a control option that allows for the monitoring of the status of a solar-powered smart parcel locker from a remote location.

In the context of a smart parcel locker, a heartbeat refers to a signal or message sent from the locker to a central server at regular intervals to indicate that the locker is still functioning properly.

This control option is particularly useful for ensuring the reliability of a solar powered smart locker. By receiving regular updates on the status of the locker, operators can quickly identify and address any potential issues before they cause a disruption in service. Additionally, remote heartbeat monitoring can help to prevent unauthorized access to the locker by alerting operators to any unusual activity.

The Next -Gen Parcel Locker That's Changing the Gamerevolutionizing delivery

ARKA has developed a unique Next-Gen locker with peripherals typically found only in traditional machines. Over eight iterations since the autumn of 2022, the Next-Gen locker, ARKA SunCharge, has evolved into the most technologically advanced solution available in Europe and potentially worldwide.    

The SunCharge Locker is modular and expandable, with up to 10 slave units featuring two columns. Additionally, it provides unique optional peripherals, including an LED Touchscreen Display, QR Scanner, PIN pad, CCTV, Alarm System, Video Surveillance, POS, LED Light System, 4G mobile router, and UPS. Its state-of-the-art production management and energy storage system distinguish it, making it arguably the world's only locker.    

Our solution is reshaping the locker landscape, turning what was once merely conceivable into a reality. With major carriers already involved in pilot projects, this solution promises to revolutionize the last-mile industry. 

User's Benefits

Autonomous solar-powered lockers offer a convenient way to receive and send packages at any time of the day, without the need to interact with a person. This is especially useful for customers who have busy schedules and cannot wait around to have their package delivered

Locker Network Owner Benefits

Autonomous smart parcel lockers are typically very secure and can prevent theft and damage to packages. They usually require a unique code or key to access the locker, which can be sent to the customers or recipients via email or text message

Best Technology Solution

The solar-powered package lockers can save time for both the sender and recipient, as they eliminate the need for physical interaction and waiting for a delivery person. This can be especially useful in busy urban areas where traffic congestion and parking can be an issue

Configuration and options

The configuration and options of a smart battery parcel locker can play an important role in ensuring that it is functional, secure, and customizable to meet the user's needs.

For example, suppose a locker is intended for storing athletic equipment. In that case, it may need to be designed with specific dimensions, ventilation, and locking mechanisms to ensure the equipment is secure and well-maintained.

Its security features can also be affected. Different types of locks, access controls, and monitoring systems can enhance a locker's security and prevent unauthorized access or theft.

Furthermore, the configuration and options of a locker can offer a wide range of customization possibilities. For instance, a locker might feature adjustable shelving to accommodate items of various sizes, different lock types to cater to different security needs, or customizable colors to blend with the surrounding environment or reflect the identity of a specific user group.

Compartment type

ARKA understands that every customer is unique, which is why we offer an array of standard compartment types to suit varying parcel dimensions. But we don't stop there. We also provide the flexibility to design custom models based on your individual needs, ensuring you have a storage solution that perfectly fits your requirements and preferences.

Number of columns

The Solar-Powered Smart Parcel Locker is designed with two standard columns to store and secure parcels while efficiently utilizing renewable energy. To accommodate diverse requirements, our product line offers customizable configurations tailored to meet specific capacity demands. Adjust the number of columns and dimensions as needed, creating the ideal sustainable solution for your unique environment with our solar-powered parcel locker.

Benefits of using solar panels in package delivery lockers

The benefit of using a solar panel in a smart locker is that it can significantly reduce the energy costs of operating the parcel locker. Moreover, these cutting-edge solar panel lockers are designed to be resilient in the face of power outages. They operate on battery power, eliminating the need for an external power source. This design ensures the lockers remain fully functional, even during blackouts or periods of high energy demand on the grid, providing a sense of security and reliability. 

Solar panels, as a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source, offer a compelling solution for reducing a locker's carbon footprint and dependence on non-renewable energy sources. By incorporating solar panels into an autonomous parcel locker, companies can actively contribute to environmental sustainability and align with the growing global focus on renewable energy solutions, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to a greener future.

Reduced energy costs

The Autonomous Battery Locker doesn't use electricity, thus saving costs related to its usage. If the locker is outdoors, it utilizes solar radiation energy for the peripherals to function. Solar panels can also provide a long-term return on investment, as they have a lifespan of up to 15 years.

Environmental sustainability

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, which means that using it to power the locker can significantly reduce its carbon footprint. This is especially important for companies looking to use solar power, reduce their environmental impact, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Increased reliability

Solar panels can provide a reliable energy source, as they do not rely on the electrical grid. This means the autonomous locker can still operate using solar power even during a power outage.

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