Mr. Șerb Constantin

Quality Control


Mr. Șerb Constantin is a skilled and detail-oriented professional with 17 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. With a strong commitment to quality standards, he plays a critical role in ensuring that every locker produced demonstrates great performance. 

As a Quality Control specialist at ARKA, Mr. Șerb Constantin is responsible for implementing and monitoring quality throughout the manufacturing process. He examines and tests lockers at various stages, from raw material inspection to final product evaluation, to identify any deviations from specifications. 

Mr. Șerb's expertise extends to performing measurements, and utilizing quality control tools and techniques. He collaborates closely with cross-functional teams, including production, engineering, and design, to address any quality issues and implement corrective actions. 

Mr. Șerb Constantin holds a degree in Technological Engineering from the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Industrial Management at Transylvania University in Brasov. With a strong background in quality management and a deep understanding of technological engineering principles, he has developed a solid foundation in his field. In 2017, he successfully completed a Quality Inspector course, further enhancing his expertise in ensuring and maintaining high standards of quality.