Mr. Ulmanu Lucian



Mr. Lucian Ulmanu's unwavering dedication to technology and innovation throughout his life has made a profound impact on the growth and achievements of the company. He is a seasoned business leader with 16 years of entrepreneurship. 

As the CEO of ARKA, Mr. Ulmanu is responsible for setting the company's overall strategy, creating and maintaining a strong corporate culture, managing the company's finances, overseeing all operations, and representing the company to stakeholders and the public. He works closely with the executives and managers in the company to ensure that all departments and functions are aligned with the overall vision and goals of ARKA company. 

The ARKA team finds inspiration in the company's values, which stem from Mr. Lucian Ulmanu's approach and prioritize a culture of ongoing learning, embracing risk, and cultivating a mindset of growth. Mr Ulmanu's leadership style is visionary, innovative and accountable.