Smart Locker Network

Smart Locker Network

We manufacture smart parcel lockers for the leading courier in Central-Eastern Europe. Find out more information about our Smart Parcel Locker fleet and services.

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Agnostic Software

Enhanced by 
Agnostic Software

Our agnostic software enables new ways of approaching the parcel locker business and optimize profitability. Enjoy the flexibility and adaptability that our software offers to your changing business needs.

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Powerful Hardware

Powerful Hardware

Arka’s strong background in automotive and aviation manufacturing granted the production of high-quality products with an advanced degree of innovation.

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Leading Edge Automation

Edge Automation

The factories processes are highly automated through our industrial robots.

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Industrial Automation

Your reliable partner in 
Industrial Automation

Arka delivers industrial automation solutions to support customers in boosting production speed and efficiency, while ensuring product accuracy and quality improvement.

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Our industrial automation solutions will streamline your company's production lines,
optimizing process and operation time. We specialize in both bespoke and mass-produced equipment.

Parcel Lockers

Smart Locker Networks are a significant step ahead for the Last Mile Delivery. Enhanced by agnostic software and highly customizable in terms of hardware and software, the Smart Locker Network holds the perfect sustainable energy solution for outdoor use

Discover our parcel lockers
Parcel Lockers

Experience the benefits of ARKA’s parcel locker network. Our automated delivery solution will grant cost savings and more for your business. Find out more details about our range of parcel lockers.

Parcel Lockers
Dynamic weighing systems

Weighing solutions that can process up to 5040 parcels/hour, available in various degrees of complexity.

Dynamic Weighing System
Dynamic Weigher

Efficient weighing solutions which can be upgraded afterwards to include various other systems, according to each and every customer requirement

Dynamic Weigher

Scalable solutions similar to the powered roller conveyor, but also flexible, such as the belt or gravity conveyors.


Easily integrated and programable diverting solutions, designed to streamline the workflow.

Sorter Systems

Systems providing unitary solutions for the sorting process, which can be customized upon customers’ requirements.

Sorter System

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Our supplementary services guarantee that your equipment 
will consistently deliver outstanding performance throughout its lifespan.

TransportWe have invested in custom made equipment to securely transport our products accordingly to the production capacity
Assembly and installationWe've made sure to streamline the deployment process
Servicing and maintenance interventionsOur engineers are able to schedule various types of interventions, using our software
Training of client personnelWe instruct customer personnel at commissioning, using robust training materials
Online and telephone supportOur specialists are pleased to provide support or take action using coordinated IT and video monitoring


in our portfolio

Our company offered solutions in diverse industries such as automotive, metallurgy and aviation. Additionally, we developed solutions for crimping, assembly, measurement, verification and labeling. Utilizing our expertise, we redirected our efforts to create cutting-edge solutions for the logistics, postal and courier sector.

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We love to innovate! Our enthusiastic development team is always connected to trends and pressing topics of the courier and postal industries. Their knowledge led to game-changing emerging technologies which supports winning the race for the last mile delivery.

Arka has already obtained several patents and keeps applying for specific types of intellectual property in the courier and postal industry.

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