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Over 16 years of experience guarantee our commitment to innovative solutions 
for building turnkey parcel locker networks

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Discover the leader of autonomous lockers The SunCharge Locker


Compared to its last iteration, the SunCharge locker has reduced its energy consumption by 530%, now using only 1.7 Wh.          



The locker stands out with its next-generation technology, supporting a vast array of peripherals, making it exceptionally versatile and advanced.               



Compared to its previous version, the SunCharge locker has increased its energy storage capacity by up to 570%, depending on the configuration of the smart locker.


the most technologically advancedSmart Parcel 
Locker Networks

ARKA's portfolio includes cutting-edge locker models, which have gone through numerous iterations and updates to align with the latest changes in the market demands.

ARKA's high-quality lockers are Revolutionizing the future of courier services

Hardware Solutions

With over 16 years of experience in demanding industries, our dedication to quality and innovation has placed us at the forefront of parcel locker technology. Our innovations have elevated courier services to a superior level through robust lockers with an unbreakable structure, capable of withstanding extreme conditions and ensuring reliability.

ARKA Electronics

We have developed our own exclusive electronics, starting with the concept, and seamlessly integrating microchip tech with industrial programming. These advanced electronics power our parcel lockers, offering benefits like high quality, enhanced security, and custom functionality, ensuring easy integration.

Agnostic Software

Our platform provides a comprehensive solution for seamless front-end operations with easy deployment and hassle-free maintenance experience. The software-agnostic solution manages the entire fleet and can integrate hardware from other manufacturers, making it hardware-agnostic as well.

Quick and Easy Installation

Every locker crafted by ARKA follows the plug-and-play principle, designed for quick and easy installation. The process is fast, secure, and executed with confidence. While we value innovation, we also prioritize practicality, ensuring each solution seamlessly fits real-world needs.

Personalized Branding

Elevate your brand with lockers coated both inside and out in our dedicated electrostatic field paint shop, following RAL colors chosen by customers. Further, personalize with premium stickers for a distinct branding touch.

Training for Personnel Excellence

Optimize equipment efficiency and safety with our dedicated personnel training. ARKA offers integrated programs from commissioning onward. Our training materials cater to all skill levels, ensuring seamless and secure operations.

Online and Phone Support

Our mission is to provide practical support and ensure that lockers consistently operate at peak performance. We offer remote control of the entire locker network and are available for both phone and online support.


We have meticulously developed a smart locker network designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With extensive experience in deploying smart locker solutions both nationally and internationally, we are dedicated to addressing all our customers' concerns.

SLA Available

Our commitment includes defined service levels, efficient reporting and escalation channels and a continuous cycle of review and improvement, ensuring your network operates with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Easy and quick integration Agnostic Software

Our versatile software solution is customized to meet the evolving demands of the logistics and e-commerce industries. With six advanced modules, it effectively addresses and reduces all client concerns and worries.  

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Performance and durability Hardware excellence

Our strong background in the automotive and aviation industries has enabled us to produce high-quality, powerful hardware designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.  

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Award-WinningParcel Lockers

Govnet Romanian’s Business News Gate, the organizer of the Courier & Postal Services Business Awards for Excellence, awarded ARKA for the "Most Innovative Service/Product in Delivery Services" for the Ultra Secure Smart Parcel Locker. 

The Ultra Secure Parcel Locker is distinguished due to its exceptional security features that set it apart from other parcel lockers. It goes beyond standard security measures to provide a higher level of protection for packages. This heightened security includes advanced access controls, tamper-resistant materials, real-time monitoring, biometric authentication, and more. 

The distinguishing factor is the focus on safeguarding contents in a way that reassures customers and clients of the utmost security for their valuable items which means this parcel locker opens new services for industries such as: government, education, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, or residential.

Increase your delivery efficiency with ARKA's Smart Parcel Locker Network


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Cutting-edge Technologies Research & Development Department

We prioritize innovation and continually improve our parcel locker network solution to maintain it at the forefront of the last-mile industry. Aligned with our core values and beliefs, the Research and Development Department is central to our company’s strategic vision. The R&D team is actively exploring various paths to increase the efficiency of our lockers, including:

Developing and improving proprietary electronics

Our focus is to improve our electronics so that our lockers work smoothly and are more accessible.  

Refining mechanical solutions

We are committed to ongoing improvements in mechanical designs to improve performance and reduce risks such as fraud.

Exploring alternative systems for network autonomy in adverse weather conditions

Recognizing the importance of reliability, especially in challenging environments, we are researching innovative solutions to maintain uninterrupted service even in harsh weather conditions.