AK 202 Classic Locker

The AK 202 Parcel Locker model is the latest classic locker with a touchscreen display that incorporates several enhancements. It showcases the progress we have made in terms of technological advancements and functional improvements in the past year. 

These enhancements include a detachable and mobile rack system, making it easier to access. Additionally, it features remote reset capability and an encrypted electronic key for convenient access and maintenance traceability.


Customizable in terms of number and type of compartments as well as number of columns

Outdoor Use

Designed for outdoor use, excellent performance at temperatures in between -25°C and 70°C


New columns can be added at any time together with additional smart lockers acquisition

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Default Specifications

The AK 202 Parcel Locker is designed for outdoor use and offers a user-friendly interface, including a touchscreen display as well as QR code and pin code functionality. This versatile locker incorporates various security features to guarantee the safety of stored packages, including a surveillance camera, vibration sensor, and alarm system, effectively deterring theft and unauthorized access. Additionally, it is equipped with a rack system for convenient storage, an encrypted electronic key for enhanced security, remote reset capability, and parcel detection technology.

LED touchscreen display

QR Code Scanner

Android OS, Windows, Linux

UV rezistant screen and paint

Galvanized metal sheet exterior stucture

Powering 220V

Customizable outdoor paint

LED lighting system

Modular system

Customizable compartment dimensions

4G mobile router redundant and encrypted communication

Rust protection with 8-year warranty

PIN code ready

Optional Features

POS at customers choice

4G mobile router redundant and encrypted communication

Alarm system

Extra surveillance cameras


Fleet management software

Ultra secure software feature - recognition of biometric data


SLA available

Thermal label printer

Axis security system (CCTV)

Overall Dimensions
Width: 1650 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Depth: 780 mm
Compartment Dimensions
Width: 443 mm
Height: 90 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Width: 443 mm
Height: 195 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Width: 443 mm
Height: 400 mm
Depth: 450 mm

Configuration and options

In a business context, implementing certain software and hardware enhancements can significantly transform operations and boost efficiency by up to 600%. These enhancements include remote reset functionality, heartbeat monitoring for lockers, advanced electrical features like the Parcel detect sensor, and a mobile and detachable rack system for improved accessibility. 


Additionally, the adoption of an encrypted electronic key system would enhance access security and maintenance traceability. The integration of these cutting-edge features has the potential to drive substantial positive impact on the business, leading to remarkable efficiency gains and operational improvements.

Compartment type

ARKA offers a series of standard models, however, upon request, new models can be configured according to the customer's requirements

Compartment size

At ARKA, we recognize that each business has unique requirements, so we are able to customize compartment dimensions to meet the specific needs of each client upon request

Additional equipment

Additional equipment can be incorporated either at the start or during the process, depending on evolving business needs

Number of columns

ARKA offers a series of standard models, however, upon request, new models can be configured according to the customer's requirements

Payment system

The payment system is customizable to suit the individual preferences of every customer

Remote reset

A remote reset in a parcel locker refers to the process of remotely restarting or resetting the locker system to resolve any issues or malfunctions. It typically involves using a centralized control system or software to initiate the reset command, which then triggers the necessary actions within the locker infrastructure.

When a remote reset is initiated, the parcel locker system undergoes a series of automated procedures. These may include shutting down and restarting the locker's electronic components, such as the control panel, locking mechanisms, and sensors. The purpose is to restore the locker to its original functional state, allowing it to operate properly and accommodate new packages.

The remote reset process often resolves common issues such as software glitches, unresponsive touchscreens, or connectivity problems. It eliminates the need for physical intervention or on-site troubleshooting, saving time and resources. By remotely resetting the parcel locker, it can quickly resume normal operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for users.

Heartbeat monitoring of the locker

The heartbeat monitoring of the locker refers to the continuous monitoring of the locker's status and connectivity to ensure its proper functioning. It involves regularly sending signals or messages from the locker to a centralized control system or monitoring platform.

Similar to the human heartbeat, which indicates the health and vitality of a person, the locker's heartbeat represents its operational state. The locker periodically sends signals, often referred to as "heartbeats," to indicate that it is active and functioning correctly. These signals are typically transmitted through a network connection or wireless communication technology.

The heartbeat monitoring system keeps track of these signals and checks for their regularity. If the locker fails to send a heartbeat signal within a specified timeframe, it suggests a potential issue or malfunction. This could be due to power outages, network disruptions, or physical tampering.

When an abnormality is detected, the monitoring system can trigger alerts or notifications to the appropriate personnel responsible for maintaining and servicing the lockers. They can then investigate the problem and take necessary actions to address it, such as resetting the locker, resolving connectivity issues, or performing maintenance.

Heartbeat monitoring is crucial for ensuring the reliability and uptime of lockers, particularly in scenarios where a large number of lockers are deployed, such as in parcel delivery or self-service storage systems. It allows for proactive monitoring and quick response to any issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing user satisfaction.

Parcel detect sensor

A parcel detect sensor is a specialized sensor or set of sensors installed within the locker system to detect the presence or absence of parcels or packages. Its primary function is to identify when a parcel has been placed or removed from a specific compartment or storage area within the locker. 

The parcel detect sensor utilizes various technologies, such as optical sensors, infrared sensors, or weight sensors, to detect the presence of an object within a designated space. These sensors are strategically positioned within the locker compartments to ensure accurate detection.

When a parcel is placed inside a locker compartment, the sensor detects its presence through changes in light, infrared radiation, or weight distribution. This information is then relayed to the locker's control system, which registers the parcel as "occupied" or "in use." This status update is typically displayed on the locker's user interface or communicated through a mobile application or notification system.

Conversely, when a parcel is removed from the locker, the parcel detect sensor recognizes the empty space and updates the status of the corresponding compartment to "available" or “vacant.” This allows other users to know which compartments are free for use.

The parcel detect sensor plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of parcel lockers. By accurately detecting the presence or absence of parcels, it enables real-time monitoring of locker occupancy and helps prevent errors such as misplacement or loss of packages. Additionally, it assists in managing locker availability and facilitates a smooth and organized retrieval process for users.

Rack system - detachable and mobile for easier accessibility

The rack system within the main unit of the locker provides easy access to all the electronics housed inside, such as routers and controllers. It also ensures an IP65 protection level.

The rack system is designed to securely hold and organize the electronic components within the locker. By providing easy access to the electronics, the rack system facilitates effortless installation, configuration, and maintenance of devices. It eliminates the need to disassemble the entire locker or navigate through complex wiring systems when making changes or troubleshooting.

In addition to its accessibility benefits, the rack system also ensures a protective IP65 rating. This means that the locker unit and its rack system are effectively sealed against dust and water ingress. The IP65 rating guarantees that the electronics housed within the locker are well-protected even in challenging environments where dust, splashes, or moisture may be present.

With the IP65 protection, the rack system safeguards the electronics against the infiltration of dust particles that could potentially cause damage or affect performance. It also provides resistance to water jets from any direction, ensuring that the electronics remain safe from water splashes or light sprays.

Encrypted electronic key for easy access and maintenance traceability

The encrypted electronic key offers a secure access mechanism that enables easy and controlled access to the locker technical compartments while ensuring maintenance traceability. It utilizes encryption techniques to protect the key's integrity and prevent unauthorized access.

The encrypted electronic key system replaces traditional physical keys with an electronic and digital access method. The electronic key is designed to be highly secure, using advanced encryption algorithms to safeguard the integrity of the access code or credential. This encryption ensures that the key cannot be easily intercepted or copied, providing a robust level of security against unauthorized access attempts.

Furthermore, the encrypted electronic key system offers maintenance traceability. Each time the electronic key is used to access a locker, a digital record is generated and stored. This record provides information about the date, time, and authorized personnel, allowing for easy tracking and auditing of locker maintenance interventions.

Maintenance traceability enhances security and accountability within the parcel locker system. It enables administrators to monitor access patterns, identify any irregularities or suspicious activities, and track the history of maintenance or service operations carried out on the lockers.

Ensuring enhanced security and accountability, it is of utmost importance, for this reason, the Smart Locker Network Administrator has the ability to assign designated technicians a specific maintenance window (date and time interval) for individual lockers, thereby increasing the level of security and verification.

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