The diverters we provide can be used independently or as part of a more complex system. Based on previously identified criteria, the diverter redirects parcels to different stations, to then be sent to other locations or treated differently. This streamlines the process by eliminating a step usually executed by an operator. 


Reliable even while under a harsh exploitation regime

Up to 50kg

Useable for parcels weighing up to 50kg

Easy integration

Easily integrated with weighing and scanning solutions provided by ARKA

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Default Specifications

Suitable for redirecting parcels to other locations

Can be upgraded to include other devices and systems

Other specifications
Variable speed
Variable redirecting angle: Up to max 45 degrees
Uses servomotors
Height adjustable stands
Weighing capacity: Up to 2600 parcels/hour
Maximum allowed parcel weight: 50kg

Configuration and options

The diverter’s active dimensions

Minimum and maximum transportation load

Minimum and maximum transportation speed

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