LGL 500 Luggage Locker

Automated tourist luggage storage solutions, a rapidly expanding business model, are experiencing growth across all major metropolitan areas worldwide.   

The luggage locker business involves providing storage solutions for travelers, tourists, and individuals who need a secure and convenient place to temporarily store their luggage, bags, or belongings. These lockers are typically located in public places with high foot traffic, such as airports, train stations, bus terminals, hotels, shopping malls, and tourist attractions.

Outdoor Use

Designed for outdoor use, excellent performance at temperatures in between -25°C and 70°C

Modular system

A modular solution meticulously designed to effortlessly adapt to any space

Standardized compartments

Ensure a perfect fit, offering convenience and ease of use for all storage requirements

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Default Specifications

Luggage lockers are advanced and self-operating systems designed to cater specifically to tourists’ needs for secure and convenient storage of their luggage and belongings. 

These solutions involve electronic access control, payment systems and monitoring functionalities. Tourists can safely store their bags, suitcases or other items in these automated storage units, offering them confidence as they explore destinations without without having to carry their luggage around.

Customizable outdoor UV resistant paint

Galvanized metal sheet structure

Common chassis for the columns with height adjustable stands

Electromagnetic locks

M, L and XL compartments available

Modular system

Rust protection with 8-year warranty

Rack system for improved accessibility

Touch screen system

QR scanner


Optional Features

The optional features of a luggage locker are important for enhancing the functionality, versatility, and user experience of the locker. These additional features provide added benefits and customization options to meet different needs and preferences

Waterproof keypad, suitable for outdoor use

Electrical module for CCTV with SD memory and 1 camera produced by ARKA (snap video)

Ultra secure software feature - recognition of biometric data

Parcel detection sensor

SLA available

Fleet management software


LED lighting system

Proof of delivery

Alarm System with Vibration Sensor and Siren

Electronic Encrypted Independent System for maintenance access

Vibration sensor


POS system

Overall Dimensions
Width: 2228 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Depth: 650 mm
Compartment Dimensions
Width: 552 mm
Height: 352 mm
Depth: 605 mm
Width: 552 mm
Height: 598 mm
Depth: 605 mm
Width: 552 mm
Height: 905,5 mm
Depth: 605 mm

key aspects and details about The luggage locker business 

The luggage locker business offers a valuable service to travelers and individuals seeking temporary storage solutions. By providing secure and convenient storage options, these businesses contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience for their customers.

Locker Types

Luggage locker businesses offer various types of lockers to accommodate different luggage sizes and storage needs. They may provide lockers for carry-on bags, suitcases, backpacks, and other personal belongings.


Security is of utmost importance in this business. Luggage lockers are equipped with robust locking mechanisms to ensure the safety of customers' belongings. Some lockers may include electronic or biometric access control systems, alarm system, vibration sensor, siren or CCTV + DVR + cameras for added security.


Luggage lockers are designed for easy and quick access to stored items. Customers can conveniently store and retrieve their belongings without inconvenience.

Payment Systems

These businesses often employ various payment systems, including cash, credit/debit cards, or mobile payment methods, to make the process convenient for customers.


Regular maintenance and cleanliness of the lockers are crucial to ensure a positive customer experience. Businesses need to have a system in place for locker cleaning, inspection, and repairs as needed.

Customer Support

Excellent customer service is vital. Staff members or self-help kiosks should be available to assist customers with any inquiries or issues they may have.


Choosing strategic and high-traffic locations is essential for the success of the business. Proximity to transportation hubs and tourist attractions increases the likelihood of attracting customers.

Business Model

Luggage locker businesses can operate on various business models, such as direct ownership and operation, partnership with transportation hubs or businesses, or franchising.

Market Demand

The demand for luggage lockers is often influenced by tourism trends, events, and local regulations. Understanding the target market and customer preferences is essential for success.

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