Mr. Băsescu Marius

Head of Electromechanical Automation


Mr. Băsescu Marius is an experienced and knowledgeable Head of Electromechanical Automation, with over 10 years of experience in the field. With a proven track record of leading and executing complex electromechanical automation projects, Mr. Băsescu Marius has demonstrated exceptional technical expertise.

After successfully completing his studies at Transylvania University in Brasov, where he obtained a degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he acquired knowledge about electromechanical systems, control systems, and other related technologies by undertaking various training programs and obtaining certificates like Certificate for Security Systems Engineer offered by Brahms International, Certificate of Technical Competence offered by Honeywell, Technical Training in Microwave PDH Equipment Installation organized by Romacces Comunicatii.

Mr. Băsescu holds the most senior position and is highly regarded for his achievements, accountability, and dedication. As the Head of Electromechanical Automation at ARKA, Mr. Băsescu Marius is responsible for leading a team of professionals in the implementation of advanced electromechanical automation solutions.