Dynamic weighing system

Dynamic Weighing System

The System is designed for dimensioning, weighing and scanning parcels. Our system provides an unitary solution to these processes, saving the time and space that would have been used by equivalent machines or teams for the same operations. It can be made in less complex, or even more complex variations to fit each and every need of our customers.

Legal for trade

Has metrological and “Legal for trade” certifications

Multiple operations

Represents a compact solutions which fulfills multiple operations


Can be adapted according to the client’s requirements

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Default Specifications

Sturdy structure

Can be upgraded to include other devices and systems

Reliable even while under a harsh exploitation regime

Streamlines the client’s workflow by fulfilling multiple operations simultaneously

System components
A Dynamic Scale
Two Belt Conveyors
A Sensor System
Sensor system frame made out of aluminium profiles
Conveyor motor
Output torque: 13 Nm
Nominal torque: 1.75 Nm
Rated supply voltage: 400/480V
Other specifications
Steel axis rollers
Rollers are manufactured with 0,03 tolerance accuracy
Maximum weighing deviation: 50g
Maximum allowed parcel weight
Weighing capacity: Up to 2600 parcels/hour
Height adjustable stands with anti-vibration pads
Maximum parcel dimensions: 900 x 750 x 600mm (L x l x h)
Total system length: 3.2m

Configuration and options

Height adjustment levels of the stands

Minimum and maximum transportation load

Belt type

Minimum and maximum transportation speed

Maximum parcel sizes

The number of sides up for barcode scanning

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