Horizontal Belt Conveyor

The horizontal belt conveyor offers flexibility to clients who would like to transition to an automated workflow. The conveyor can use various belt types for different load types and can be integrated with other solutions once the client’s requirements become more complex.

Highly flexibility

High level of flexibility due to the option to use different types of belts

Long lifespan

Reliable and with a long lifespan, even while under a hard exploitation regime

Easy integration

Easily integrated with weighing, scanning or diverting solutions provided by ARKA

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Default Specifications

Less noisy compared to roller conveyors

Useable in a wide range of fields due to the option of using different belt types

Output torque: 13 Nm
Nominal torque: 1.75 Nm
Rated supply voltage: 400/480V
Other specifications
Steel axis rollers
Belt driven transmission
Rollers are manufactured with 0,03 tolerance accuracy
Speed: 1.4 m/s
Height adjustable stands
Load weight: up to 50 kg

Configuration and options

Minimum and maximum transportation load

Minimum and maximum transportation speed

Belt type

The conveyor’s active dimensions

Height adjustments of the stands

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