AK 300 US Ultra Secure Parcel Locker

Revolutionizing the smart parcel locker space with an innovative and ultra-secure solution.

The AK 300 US Ultra Secure Parcel Locker is expanding into new markets and services by verifying the recipient's identity through biometric data recognition. This ensures that only the entitled person can access the package. The Parcel Locker Network by ARKA enables the secure delivery of particular parcels and packages, including contracts, bank cards, institutional communications, age-restricted items, and more.

Outdoor Use

Designed for outdoor use, excellent performance at temperatures in between -25°C and 70°C


New columns can be added at any time together with additional smart lockers acquisition


Customizable in terms of number and type of compartments as well as number of columns

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Default Specifications

The AK 300 US Ultra Secure Parcel Locker offer valuable benefits including enhanced security, improved convenience, reduced fraud, and a better user experience

QR Code Scanner

Axis security system

12” LED touchscreen display

UV rezistant screen and paint

LED cold light lighting system

Android OS, Windows, Linux

Powering 220V

Additional equipment (e.g. cameras)

Galvanized metal sheet exterior stucture

XS or XL compartments available

Customizable outdoor paint

Overall Dimensions
Width: 1610 mm
Height: 2190 mm
Depth: 772 mm
Compartment Dimensions
Width: 443 mm
Height: 92 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Width: 443 mm
Height: 196 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Width: 443 mm
Height: 404 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Technical specifications
Locker weight excluding counterweights: 380 kg
Maximum weight per compartment: 35 kg
Maximum additional counterweight: 100 kg

Configuration and options

Number of columns

We’ve designed solutions for crimping, assembling, measuring, verifying and labeling

Payment system

The payment system can be adapted based on the client’s preference

Compartment size

Compartment dimensions according to client needs upon request

Compartment type

Number and type of compartments on each column

Additional equipment

Additional equipment (Ex: additional surveillance cameras)

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