Revolutionizing the courier industry with Arka's automated parcel lockers

Business Solutions8 mins readSun, Jan 15, 2023
Autonomous, smart and ultra secure parcel lockers

The traditional courier industry is undergoing a revolution. With companies such as Arka actively pushing the boundaries of innovation, they are paving the way for a new era of convenience and efficiency in parcel deliveries. Using their patented automated parcel lockers, the hassle of home deliveries is removed and replaced with an advanced system that allows recipients to collect their parcels at any time or place convenient for them. This revolutionizing technology eliminates tedious tasks associated with traditional home delivery services by providing an automated solution that encourages customer satisfaction every step of the way.

The traditional package delivery solutions and and their shortfalls

The traditional courier industry is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive to operate. It involves a significant amount of time spent manually sorting, routing, and delivering packages to end customers. The process often requires couriers to spend hours driving around to multiple locations, waiting and hoping someone is home to accept the package. This means more human resources are needed to manage the process, as well as valuable fuel costs for transportation. Customers also have to take time out of their day to be available for delivery or pick-up, which puts an additional burden. 

Overall, the traditional delivery systems are not cost-efficient when it comes to delivery and pickups. As a result, businesses had little choice but to accept the escalated cost associated with manual delivery methods to meet customer demands. Not only did these costs add up quickly but they also took away from businesses who would have otherwise invested those resources elsewhere into their operations.

Benefits of Arka’s Automated Lockers

Automated parcel lockers are revolutionizing the way consumers receive their parcels. In addition to making it more efficient and convenient for customers, automated package lockers also eliminate the tedious task of home delivery. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from schools and universities to hospitals, supermarkets, retail stores, offices and apartment buildings. Read the this article if you're interested in the benefits of apartment package lockers.

For customers, smart parcel lockers provide convenience as they allow them to pick up packages at any time of day or night without worrying about missing out on deliveries when no one is home. Once the package is delivered to the locker by the delivery driver, customers receive an email notification containing a code that gives them access to the locker. The customer then uses this code to open the locker and collect their package. 

At businesses such as schools and universities, automated package lockers serve an important role in ensuring safety and security for students who often need to collect packages while living away from home. As the access to these lockers is restricted to authorized individuals only via secure codes sent directly to their phones or emails, it provides a safe environment for students to collect parcels without the risk of strangers accessing their belongings. 

What’s more, intelligent parcel lockers have eliminated many of the tasks associated with traditional home delivery services such as waiting around at home all day for packages or having to arrange a pickup time with delivery drivers. Automated package lockers make it easier for both businesses and customers as they provide a fast and secure way of receiving parcels at any time of day or night.

Customer Satisfaction

At Arka, we understand that customer satisfaction is key to maintaining a successful business. That’s why we have implemented innovative technology that encourages customer satisfaction by allowing recipients to collect their parcels at any time or place convenient for them. Our technology makes it possible for customers to easily track and monitor the whereabouts of their parcel throughout its entire journey from the moment it is handed over,  until it reaches its final destination.  This eliminates the need for them to wait around for the package, as well as reducing delivery costs significantly. 

The service can be further enhanced by allowing customers to schedule specific times and dates when they would like to collect their parcels, taking into account all local restrictions if applicable. Furthermore, customers have access to real-time notifications whenever their parcel is processed or delivered. 

Ultimately, Arka’s innovative technology offers great levels of customer satisfaction by allowing customers to have total control over when and where they receive their items while reducing delivery costs significantly in the process. Customers can choose the most convenient collection option available without having to worry about potential delays or missed deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances occurring along the way.

Why parcel lockers are such a revolutionary advancement? 

Automated parcel lockers, also referred to as APLs, are revolutionary. They are essentially self-service deposit boxes, where customers can pick up their packages without having to go through the traditional process of waiting for a delivery person to arrive at their home or business. APLs provide a secure delivery solution and a convenient way for customers to receive their packages by allowing them to access their packages using an identification code or personal key provided when they place their orders. Once the customer enters the code or key, they can open the locker and retrieve their package without any human interaction.

APLs are equipped with many features that make them safer and more secure than traditional delivery methods. For example, some models enable customers to customize their security settings, such as setting time limits on when a package can be retrieved and disabling certain access codes if a customer loses track of them. Additionally, many parcel lockers include tracking technology that allows customers to view real-time updates about when and where their package is being delivered. This feature not only helps customers know where their package is located but also serves as an extra layer of security since it provides visibility if someone else tries to access the locker.

In addition to safety and security benefits, another major advantage of automated package lockers is that they reduce costs associated with traditional delivery services. Since there is no need for a delivery person's travel time or wages, APLs eliminate many of these costs while still providing prompt service. Furthermore, they eliminate wait times associated with traditional deliveries since customers don't have to arrange for someone to be present at home or work when the package arrives. Finally, automated parcel lockers provide environmental benefits since they generate less noise pollution than traditional delivery services due to fewer vehicles on the road delivering packages throughout cities and towns. 

Overall, automated lockers are transforming how people receive deliveries by providing convenient and secure access while also reducing costs associated with traditional delivery services and improving environmental sustainability in large cities.


Arka is an experienced parcel locker manufacturer leading an exciting revolution in parcel deliveries through its use of automated parcel lockers, and the potential implications for customers are immense. The idea behind Arka's system is simple: it provides an easier way for customers to receive parcel deliveries without the hassle of having them delivered directly to their homes or offices. By utilizing automated package delivery lockers positioned in convenient locations, customers can access their parcels quickly and easily. Not only does this provide a more efficient delivery process, but it also offers increased safety and security as parcels are stored securely until they are retrieved. 

The ability to easily access your parcels at any time is highly beneficial for those who may not be available during regular delivery times or have limited mobility. For example, customers who work long hours or are unable to leave the house can still benefit from fast and secure delivery services with Arka's package delivery solutions. Furthermore, users can choose from various locker sizes depending on their needs, ensuring that they get exactly what they need in terms of space to store their parcels.

In addition to convenience and efficiency, Arka's package delivery solutions also bring increased satisfaction to customers everywhere. Customers are provided with real-time notifications when their parcels arrive and can easily track the location of their parcels at all times. This allows them to stay informed and updated on the status of their orders so that they don't have to worry about missing a delivery date or being unaware of where their package has gone. Additionally, since deliveries are made directly into a locker instead of someone's home or office, there is less risk of theft or other damages caused by mishandling. 

From enhanced convenience to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, Arka's innovative system is leading the way in modernizing the way we receive our packages. With its state-of-the-art technology and secure storage facilities, Arka ensures that all customer orders are safely delivered. As such, it looks set to revolutionize the world of parcel delivery as we now know it - bringing convenience, efficiency, and satisfaction wherever it goes!

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to send or receive parcels, Arka's automated parcel lockers are the perfect solution. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and see how we can help revolutionize your parcel delivery experience