AK 201 Automated Parcel Locker

Smart Lockers demands are on the rise, as the courier and postal industry run a full process of transformation, due to consumer behavior oriented towards online commerce, at the expense of traditional commerce.

The pandemic circumstances considerably accelerated the online commerce, demanding couriers to optimize the entire operational levels, especially the Last Mile Delivery.

AK-201 has been upgraded and succeeded by new and improved models

While this product has served our customers well, we always innovate to bring you the best. We're thrilled to announce its successor the AK 202 Automated Parcel Locker

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Customizable in terms of number and type of compartments as well as number of columns

Outdoor Use

Designed for outdoor use, excellent performance at temperatures in between -25°C and 70°C


New columns can be added at any time together with additional smart lockers acquisition

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Default Specifications

The AK 201 locker is purpose-built for the courier industry, particularly when establishing a network, as it features a large user-friendly interface. Couriers can access compartments using either a QR scanner or a PIN code, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Moreover, this locker is compatible with various operating systems, including Android, Windows, and Linux, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing setups. Being connected to the electrical grid, it offers a reliable and consistent power source, while its specialized configuration caters precisely to the unique needs of the courier industry

LED touchscreen display

QR Code Scanner

Android OS, Windows, Linux

UV rezistant screen and paint

Galvanized metal sheet exterior stucture

Powering 220V

Customizable outdoor paint

LED lighting system

Modular system

Customizable compartment dimensions

4G mobile router redundant and encrypted communication

Rust protection with 8-year warranty

PIN code ready

Optional Features

Opting for features like the integration of axis security cameras and biometric recognition technology in lockers significantly enhances the security, efficiency, and reliability of the courier service, benefiting both the service providers and their customers.

POS at customers choice

4G mobile router redundant and encrypted communication

Alarm system

Extra surveillance cameras


Fleet management software

Ultra secure software feature - recognition of biometric data


SLA available

Thermal label printer

Axis security system (CCTV)

Overall Dimensions
Width: 1650 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Depth: 780 mm
Compartment Dimensions
Width: 443 mm
Height: 90 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Width: 443 mm
Height: 195 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Width: 443 mm
Height: 400 mm
Depth: 450 mm

Designed for efficiency for the postal and courier services


August 2022 marked a major milestone for ARKA as we proudly opened one of the most advanced and efficient factories for producing smart lockers in Central Eastern Europe. 


Our sustainable solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency and transform the postal and courier services market. As a leading provider of smart locker solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services possible. Our smart lockers are built to last and are made with environmentally friendly materials, making them a sustainable choice for businesses that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

We are excited to offer our cutting-edge solutions to leading companies in both the local and international postal and courier services market, and we are confident that our products will help them achieve their goals while reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Compartment type

ARKA offers a series of standard models, however, upon request, new models can be configured according to the customer's requirements

Compartment size

At ARKA, we recognize that each business has unique requirements, so we are able to customize compartment dimensions to meet the specific needs of each client upon request

Additional equipment

Additional equipment can be incorporated either at the start or during the process, depending on evolving business needs

Number of columns

ARKA offers a series of standard models, however, upon request, new models can be configured according to the customer's requirements

Payment system

The payment system is customizable to suit the individual preferences of every customer

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