Revolutionizing Delivery: The Next-Gen* Parcel Locker That's Changing the Game!

Intelligent parcel lockers8 mins readMon, Apr 1, 2024

Since 2007, ARKA, a leader in European industrial automation, has shifted from creating innovative solutions for the automotive and aviation sectors, to pioneering advanced automation for courier services. With over 16 years of experience in demanding industries, our dedication to quality and innovation has placed us at the forefront of parcel locker technology. Our journey reflects an unwavering pursuit of excellence and a culture of detail-oriented innovation, positioning ARKA as a leader in revolutionizing delivery services. 


The last-mile delivery sector underwent a transformation after 2020, due to the pandemic's effects, resulting in a surge in demand for essential deliveries as individuals embraced social distancing. This shift prompted operational adjustments, safety measures, and a rise in online shopping. 

Global restrictions triggered the rise of locker networks, providing a swift and straightforward solution to post-pandemic challenges. These networks facilitated rapid and contactless deliveries, significantly improving safety and efficiency. The primary solution to these challenges was the traditional electricity-driven locker. Nevertheless, the requirement for a more sustainable and easily deployable option prompted the development of Next-Gen lockers. These lockers are solar-powered autonomous battery units, functioning without a reliance on electricity, utilizing battery and solar panel technology instead. 

Recognizing the need for a fast, reliable, and user-friendly solution, our Research and Development team, led by Frîncu Cezar Ph.D. Eng., CTO of ARKA, has developed a unique Next-Gen locker equipped with peripherals typically found only in traditional machines. Through over eight iterations since the autumn of 2022, the Next-Gen locker, named ARKA SunCharge, has evolved into the most technologically advanced solution available in Europe and potentially worldwide. 

The SunCharge Locker is modular and expandable, with up to 10 slave units, each featuring 2 columns. Additionally, it provides unique optional peripherals, including an LED Touchscreen Display, QR Scanner, Pin Pad, CCTV, Alarm System, Video Surveillance, POS, LED Light System, 4G mobile router, and UPS. Its state-of-the-art production management and energy storage system distinguish it, making it arguably the world's only locker of its kind. Our solution is to reshape the locker landscape, turning what was once merely conceivable into a reality. With major carriers already involved in pilot projects, this solution holds the promise of revolutionizing the last-mile industry. 



The pursuit of an environmentally friendly and easily deployable locker solution has led carriers and postal services to focus on Next-Gen lockers. Despite their initial deployment, these lockers have witnessed a significant decline in adoption rates due to the poorer user experience caused by the absence of a screen that would provide a quick and intuitive experience. 

Some countries require security features such as video cameras or alarms, while leading carriers and e-commerce entities require printers and other peripherals that are currently not provided by the existing solar-powered autonomous battery machines. 

Finally, the need for a versatile configuration accommodating various deliveries in space-constrained areas prompted the development of Next-Gen lockers tailored to both urban and rural environments. 

Dedicated to meeting the most demanding needs and guided by detailed end-user feedback, we have developed what could be considered the world's most technologically advanced solar-powered autonomous battery locker — the ARKA SunCharge Locker. 


The SunCharge Locker stands out as the market's most technologically advanced option due to its user-friendly interface, delivering an exceptional package tracking experience for administrators and end-users alike. Furthermore, it ensures seamless management of real-time notifications. 

The comprehensive live ecosystem serves as an excellent tool, including live tracking, performance monitoring, security alerts, treatment identification, network health, and remote access control. Unlike many other Next-Gen lockers, every stage of the parcel journey grants all involved parties access to real-time data (recipient, courier, sender), offering enhanced customer satisfaction through improved order visibility, delivery time estimates, security, and effective communication. 



Analytics Reporting aid businesses in monitoring performance, identifying areas for improvement, and making informed decisions. Fleet load reports are available for review, presenting tables and pie charts that illustrate the occupancy levels of lockers. Additionally, individual locker drawer loads can be examined, reports can be downloaded, and filters can be applied based on time, location, and locker type. 

With over 30 report sections, covering critical categories like parcel locker load, uptime, package time in a locker, compartment rental, and billing data, these reports offer similar functionalities such as tables, charts, downloading, and filtering by time and place. 

This revolutionary locker is now a key part of our network development strategy. Beyond low consumption and user-friendly features, it operates efficiently in high-usage and challenging locations, enabling us to capitalize on prime sites. 



The demand for Next-Gen lockers has experienced exponential growth. Network operators and carriers are actively searching for solar-powered autonomous battery lockers with classic locker peripherals, including an LED Touchscreen, always-on 4G Mobile Router, QR Code Scanner, Surveillance Camera System, Pin Pad, POS system, Alarm System, LED Light System, and other features. 

ARKA's inaugural solar-powered autonomous battery locker model piqued industry interest upon its debut in 2022. However, these lockers equipped with high-consumption peripherals, demanded a cumbersome setup process, requiring the solar panels to face south for optimal exposure to the sun. 

These restrictions hindered customers from utilizing many excellent installation locations where the locker lacked adequate exposure, particularly during the winter months when the sky is often cloudy, and retail and delivery companies are in peak season, demanding high locker capacity. 

In response to these concerns, ARKA's R&D department enhanced the locker's capabilities, effectively overcoming the challenges previously encountered. They developed the ARKA SunCharge Locker, marking a new and unique achievement in the industry. It was at this point that several major European companies started pilot projects with us! 

We continue to develop and enhance the ARKA SunCharge Locker, therefore the most recent version of this solar-powered autonomous battery locker incorporates the following features: 

  • Energy consumption improved by an impressive 530% to just 1.7Wh. 
  • The energy production capability has been boosted by at least 100%, reaching 200Wh for the master locker. Additionally, each new module attached increases power by 200Wh, ensuring the locker's energy independence for as long as the battery's chemical life, which can extend up to an incredible 15 years. 
  • Improved energy production management, particularly in adverse weather conditions, was achieved by transitioning to an advanced solar control module. 
  • Increased energy storage capacity of up to 570%, depending on the configuration of the smart locker. 
  • The successful implementation of communication between the solar control module and the Smart Locker PC, enabling the management system to retrieve real-time energy indicators and generate statistical data. This includes information on battery level, solar production, locker consumption, the number of doors opened, scanner errors, Bluetooth errors, door opening errors, and more. 
  • Implementation of new, advanced thermal insulation for the battery compartment protecting the battery at extremely cold temperatures. 
  • The introduction of a new electric heating system for the battery compartment, enabling battery charging even in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. 
  • New software for monitoring and managing energy performance developed by ARKA, displaying the rate of energy consumption, battery charging status, solar energy production, along with door opening errors and failures of peripheral equipment. 
  • Integration of the power management electronic module controlling the energy consumption of every peripheral equipment. 
  • Implementation of a new electronic logical control board resulting in a further 75% reduction in power consumption. 
  • Development and implementation of new firmware for upgraded electronic components. 
  • The introduction of a new PC resulting in enhanced performance and a further 245% reduction in power consumption. 
  • Incorporation of a new 4G Mobile Router with an "always ON" feature, ensuring continuous remote access to the router. For optimal operational control and security, it is mandatory that the router remains powered continuously. Currently, aside from the SunCharge Locker, no other Next-Gen locker possesses this capability, resulting in restricted access between the locker and the server. 
  • Implementation of a 7-inch LCD colour touchscreen, providing a superior interface compared to a keyboard or non-touchscreen display. 
  • Recent upgrades of the locker aimed at improving its security, making it significantly more resilient and challenging for unauthorised individuals to access. The latest version has attained RC3* security signifying it is much stronger and harder to break compared to its predecessors. 
  • Major carriers undergoing pilot projects with us have confirmed that the SunCharge Locker is a game changer in their network development strategy due to its sustainability, user-friendliness, and  wide array of available peripherals. 
  • The SunCharge locker helps open up the advantage of prime locations in any city, and minimal costs during relocations. 
  • Furthermore, its security features, including surveillance cameras, alarms, and lighting, significantly contribute to bolstering overall security measures. 


The Next-Gen* - *solar-powered autonomous battery locker

*RC3 implies a high level of resistance, and products classified as such are designed to withstand determined attempts at forced entry using specified tools and methods. This classification is relevant in security systems, providing a higher level of protection against burglary or unauthorized access.