Intelligent parcel lockers4 mins readFri, Apr 5, 2024

The parcel locker market is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of logistics and e-commerce industries. As a result, there are ongoing improvements to smart parcel locker networks, including increased autonomy, greater energy efficiency, and more advanced features. Clients are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve parcel networks, resulting in improved lockers that can better meet the needs of their users.

But have you ever wondered about the journey of lockers before they reach their destination? Let's explore the process behind the creation of modern lockers and follow each important step.


The key to developing a successful product is having a clear vision. After receiving a detailed brief from the clients, the design team creates sketches for the production team. Each dimension and detail are thoroughly evaluated to ensure the final product meets the highest functionality standards.


After the design is finalized, the production team begins to work on it immediately. Steel plates are accurately cut to form the locker's framework. These components undergo several operations to achieve perfection, including bending, welding, and painting. Every process step is carried out with precision and care, as we prioritize high quality. The Quality Team carefully supervises every process step to ensure the final product meets our standards.

The process starts with a thorough inspection of the raw materials. Our quality experts meticulously examine each steel plate for imperfections, ensuring that only good materials are used in constructing our lockers. Any deviations from our strict quality criteria are swiftly addressed to maintain the integrity of the manufacturing process.


We use the latest laser technology to cut steel plates for lockers. This improves precision and productivity and reduces the loss of raw materials.

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Our modern manufacturing process utilizes KUKA robots to decrease production errors and improve efficiency. Advanced technology forms the elements of the locker structure.



We prioritize efficiency and achieving peak performance. After all elements are cut, the next step is painting. A vibrant coat of paint provides the final touch, enhancing the locker's appearance and protecting it from weather conditions. Each surface is carefully coated to ensure longevity and durability. 

Recently, we upgraded our electrostatic painting process by installing new Nordson automatic powder coating guns, which can improve efficiency by over 30%.


When it comes to painting, perfection is most important. Our quality team ensures that every coat of paint is applied in the best way possible. Samples are regularly inspected to verify color accuracy and adherence to specified thickness. We use only high-quality paints, providing an impeccable finish and long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear.


With all components ready, it's time for assembly. Our assembly team puts all elements together like a puzzle, each fitting perfectly into place. MONTAJ.webp

During the assembly phase, our quality team conducts thorough inspections to verify the integrity of each locker. Every joint and connection is studied and meticulously tested to ensure guarantee the final product's reliability and durability. The steps involved in assembling a locker are as follows:

  1. Assemble the base lockers.
  2. Assemble the antifraud component.
  3. Assemble the locks.
  4. Preassemble the sides.
  5. Assemble the commons and shelves.
  6. Assemble the covers and angle brackets.
  7. Attach doors to the lockers.
  8. Assemble the sides and racks.

A smart parcel locker is not just a simple metal and paint structure, but a complex system powered by advanced electronics. The up-to-date technology smoothly integrates into the locker, allowing for automated package tracking and secure access control. With our controllers, we have unlimited options and can reduce the time and cost of delivery from other countries.


Unlike other manufactures, ARKA started producing its own electronics, from programmed microchips to every circuit on that board, which allowed us to manage consumption and all functionalities. You cannot do this with electronics from imported products or with restrictive electronics.


The next step in creating a locker is to install the necessary software on the IT hardware, preparing it for the final installation phase.


Before a locker leaves our facility, it goes through a comprehensive final inspection. Our quality team reviews each unit, verifying that it meets our stringent quality criteria.

Timely and secure delivery of lockers is crucial in logistics. Once all phases are completed, the lockers are carefully transported and delivered to their specified locations. Users cand then enjoy receiving their packages.


The journey of a smart parcel locker is proof of human ingenuity and precise engineering. Every step is meticulously planned from conception to installation to create an ideal and efficient solution for modern parcel management. 

Disclaimer: The article includes only the most essential steps of the process.