360-degree ARKA's parcel locker network solution

Business Solutions6 mins readTue, Jan 30, 2024

The last few years have taught us that time and efficiency are the most essential resources in an organization. 

ARKA profoundly appreciates and values the market trends and design, builds, and offers a complete solution that is more than just an integrated concept of the parcel lockers network; it is practically a wise decision for couriers and postal markets to increase performance, security, customer satisfaction, and product management.

Introducing the concept of the 360-degree solution for a smart parcel network, we are confident that we have very well-thought-out components of this ecosystem. 

Starting with the way we build the hardware and ending with SLA  Available, our team wants to bring into the light her problem-solving culture, flexibility, and professionalism with which she approaches its customers.

Hardware Solution

Our expertise and experience profoundly influenced the performance in delivering the best and most complex hardware solutions in the last-mile delivery and courier industry.

Since our establishment in 2007, we have evolved into a distinguished European company specializing in industrial automation.

Our journey to 360-degree solutions includes successful collaborations with major players in diverse industries, such as automotive and aviation, shaping our solutions with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to continuous innovation.

Agnostic Flexibility:

ARKA's lockers are designed to support many software solutions, allowing partners to collaborate with various providers. This agnostic approach will enable partners to enhance their locker network without the constraint of starting from scratch, saving costs for the existing network, or not being constrained to only one provider or decision.

Uncompromising Quality:

Every detail of the hardware developed by ARKA is meticulously considered to ensure the highest standards of durability, functionality, and overall performance. Each locker undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest quality standards before being delivered to the client.

Comprehensive Integration:

ARKA's Hardware Solution integrates seamlessly into the entire ecosystem. It is not only a standalone component but a holistic approach that aligns with the diverse needs of the courier industry, offering a comprehensive solution beyond conventional hardware proposes.

ARKA's Hardware Solution is a testament to our commitment to excellence, adaptability, and quality, setting new standards in the dynamic landscape of intelligent parcel lockers.

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ARKA Software Solution

ARKA's Software Solution represents a revolutionary approach to the efficiency of smart locker systems. Understanding the importance of the end-to-end solution, ARKA developed a software solution that allows companies to use the system on their own hardware devices or customize it, respecting business purposes.

The Power of Device-Agnostic Innovation

Redefining the handling and securing of packages, our software is designed to serve the new era in logistics through API integration tools and allocation systems. Partners can choose between an extensive palette of the possibilities of integrations like multiple e-commerce platforms and courier services converging in a single locker, creating a carrier-neutral better word. This translates into a broader customer base, facilitated by the ease of adoption and operational efficiency.

Agnostic Customization

Being entirely business process-agnostic, ARKA Software introduces an era of change by providing an exciting border in seamlessly integrating various business processes and practices. Our configuration choices allow you to customize your locker system to fit unique business demands with unmatched versatility, whether it is about adapting the software to align with your specific parcel management workflows, adjusting locker sizes, implementing specific security protocols, or aligning with your partner business's identity.

Elevating User Experience:

ARKA Software unveils an intuitive, user-friendly interface that empowers administrators and end-users. Dive into a world where monitoring locker status, tracking packages, and receiving real-time notifications are seamlessly orchestrated through a sleek and effortlessly navigable dashboard. Efficiency meets simplicity for a seamless user experience.

The adoption of ARKA Software represents a significant advancement in increased user contentment. See a lower learning curve as consumers quickly become proficient with the user-friendly user interfaces and observe a sharp rise in adoption rates as the user experience increasingly drives success.

Live Ecosystem

Live Ecosystem includes 4 points of view describing the live ecosystem. There are:

Live Tracking: Ensuring accurate tracking from dispatch to delivery by having real-time visibility into the position and status of every package inside your network.

Performance Monitoring: Keeping tabs on the overall parcel network's real-time performance. Find bottlenecks, streamline processes, and ensure your intelligent parcel management system operates without a hitch.

Security Alerts and Threat Identification: Recognize any dangers to your system as soon as they appear. Regulate shady activity to preserve the parcel network's security and integrity proactively.

Network Health and Remote Access Control: This feature lets the monitor and manage locker and peripheral remote access in real-time, making quick changes in response to operational requirements or security issues.


ARKA Software implements next-level communication technologies crafted in-house. Our system boasts BLE and GSM network capabilities, supporting online and offline modes without constant power or an internet connection. 24/7 availability for seamless access to deliveries is guaranteed. Unlock the power of convenience with our Parcel Locker Management.


To underscore the information's significance and value, ARKA strategically decided to provide training for the partner's team. This training initiative aims to equip the team with the necessary skills to manage the technical and software aspects proficiently.

Online support

ARKA provides online support, ensuring assistance is readily available to customers. This approach reflects a commitment to promptly addressing customer queries and concerns, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Personalized Branding

Recognizing the significance of respecting our partners' unique identity and values, we provide the option for personalized branding. This means tailoring the branding elements to align with and reflect each partner's distinct character and values, fostering a customized and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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Transport and Commissioning

Transportation and commissioning are integral components of our comprehensive 360-degree solution. Ensuring the delivery and installation processes are meticulously managed is our commitment to guaranteeing that the locker network begins its operation with optimal quality and functionality.

ARKA SLA Available

The availability of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) from ARKA underscores our commitment to providing clear expectations and assurances regarding the level of service we deliver. This agreement outlines the agreed-upon standards, response times, and other key performance indicators, ensuring transparency and accountability in our services to meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

Agnostic Smart Parcel Lockers Network

By integrating all agnostic components, the 360-degree solution emerges as evident. ARKA Smart Parcel Lockers lead the charge in crafting an exceptionally innovative intelligent locker network, providing a guarantee for each element. Considering its economic, management, and adaptability benefits, opting for a 360-degree solution is a savvy business decision.