ARKA attending the Refocus on eCommerce, Retail & Logistics conference

Thu Feb 09 2023

The e-commerce and retail industry is rapidly evolving in response to the growing demand and heightened customer expectations. All retailers are innovating to gain the loyalty and trust of their customers, using data and a customer-focused approach to design effective supply chain and logistics processes.

The refocus on eCommerce, Retail & Logistics 2023 event aims to showcase the latest trends in the industry, provide insights into future developments, and offer solutions to current challenges faced by the e-commerce, retail, and logistics sectors.

The 6th edition of the eCommerce, Retail & Logistics conference hosted by Business Review will gather prominent retailers, omnichannel innovators, and major players in supply chain and logistics. These experts will share their valuable insights, successful practices, and discuss the challenges and opportunities in achieving long-term growth in an uncertain environment.

The conference will feature a range of interactive sessions including panel discussions, presentations, interviews, and Q&A sessions with key individuals from the industry.

The Refocus on eCommerce, Retail & Logistics conference guarantees custom-selected content in order to gain knowledge about automation technologies that can streamline the operations of any organization and make processes more efficient, transforming the ecommerce approach from traditional to data-driven and customer-focused.

For Arka represents another opportunity to network with a community of professionals in the retail and logistics sector, also, for better understanding how our clients take control of their web commerce platform, product management, and supply chain automation through hands-on experience.

The agenda of the event starts with ‘The Future of Retail & eCommerce’ panel. Key questions and topics:

  • Why is Romania a good market for investments?
  • Retail on the radar: opening new stores, engaging and attracting new customers; Challenges to boost sales in 2023;
  • Customer Centricity: The customer is everywhere, and all operations, practices and deliveries must add value to shopping experience;
  • Challenges, trends and strategies that are revolutionizing eCommerce and omnichannel presence;
  • Courier segment: How major courier players are constantly increasing customers’ satisfaction for faster and flexible services;
  • Using tools to identify customer behaviours to offer personalized recommendations and experiences;
  • Future payment methods in eCommerce.


  • Raluca Radu - Country Manager,
  • Adrian Mihai - CEO, FAN Courier
  • Ana Dumitrache - Country Head, CTP Romania
  • Yannick Mooijman - CEO, Cargus
  • Lucian Baltaru - CEO, Sameday Courier
  • Raul Filip - Acquisitions Director, Altex
  • Augustin Dobre - CEO, Twispay
  • Anda Sebesi - moderator & Editor-in-Chief, Business Review Magazine

The second panel is dedicated to Retail, Logistics & Industrial sector. Key questions and topics:

  • Retail is the main sector that supported the Romanian economy in the first 3 quarters of 2022;
  • Commercial sector on a recovery trend; 2022 brought a traffic increase & players reached the pre-pandemic level. The current economic environment will continue to substantially impact 2023 year on the new deliveries of retail space;
  • Logistics: 2023 insights on the challenges and trends for the industrial and logistics industry;
  • Transport and logistics companies in the spotlight: growth opportunities;
  • A new trend for 2023! Retail parks in new residential areas. Sustainable and prosperous developments, the new retail parks are attracting successful retailers, attentive to expansion and new opportunities for penetration in medium and small towns around the country;
  • Transport Management & Industry: recent challenges, from the pandemic crisis to the delays in production and delivery from China, and from the war in Ukraine to the current soaring inflation, brought a growing need for transport services and cost optimizations strategies. How are the big players in the industry rapidly adjusting transport management & resources?
  • Demand for intermodal transport has increased by 30% because of companies' desire to reduce their environmental impact and to meet the high demand for large transport capacity;
  • #Green: sustainable energy providers for industrial and logistics developers, to produce and operate photovoltaic energy on the rooftops.


  • Victor Cosconel - Head of Leasing, Office and Industrial Agencies & Member of the Board, Colliers Romania
  • Cristina-Maura Toros - Leasing Manager, CBRE Romania
  • Constantin Tomescu - Founder & President, BMF Grup
  • Tudor Iuga - Partner, Land Development, Industrial and Logistics; Simon & Partners Real-Estate Advisors
  • Adrian Urda - CEO, Cometex
  • Anda Sebesi moderator & Editor-in-Chief Business Review Magazine