What Features to look for in a Parcel Locker System?

Intelligent parcel lockers10 mins readWed, Jan 25, 2023
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When you have decided to acquire parcel lockers for your company, it’s important to find the right type of smart locker to fit the needs of your business. Many companies are making parcel lockers, but not all of them offer you the option for customization. So, first of all, you need to make a list of features you are looking for in a smart locker, and only then, try to find the right parcel locker company to manufacture the best product for you. Depending on your range of services and whether you need an automated locker for inside or outside, for customers or employees, here are some features you should consider:

  • QR Code Scanner and PIN code ready
  • Touchscreen display
  • Customizable outdoor paint & weatherproofing
  • LED light lighting system
  • Modular system & customizable compartment dimensions
  • Security system
  • Ultra-secure software feature (recognition of biometric data)
  • Software Integration
  • Fleet management software
  • Deployment & installation
  • Custom payment system

Now, depending on the type of business you are running you may need all of these features or just one or two, nevertheless it’s important to have an idea about each of them. You can read more about what parcel lockers are in this article. You have to know for what they can be used and how, and of course, the purpose of their implementation in the technology of automated parcel lockers.

An Insight into the Use of Parcel Locker Features

Parcel lockers are an efficient and secure way for businesses to manage their packages. Not only do they provide convenience for customers, but they also add an extra layer of security that traditional methods lack.

QR & PIN Code scanning: easy and secure 

With parcel lockers, you can keep track of who is receiving your packages in real-time with QR code scanners and ensure that access is restricted to only those with QR codes. 

QR-code scanner is a must-have feature because it provides customers with an easy and secure way to access their packages. It eliminates the need for manual input of codes, thus speeding up the process and reducing wait times. Additionally, this feature ensures that only those with QR codes can access the parcels, providing businesses with extra security and peace of mind. 
The PIN code-ready feature allows customers to quickly access their packages without having to input a complex code. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that need to provide fast service. Additionally, it is convenient for customers since they don’t have to remember complex codes every time they need to pick up a package.

Modern-age interaction with a touchscreen display

Using a touchscreen display on the parcel locker is a great way to improve customer experience. Interacting with an automated system can be frustrating at times, but with a touchscreen, customers can quickly and easily access their packages without having to figure out how the system works. This feature increases user convenience and satisfaction, leading to greater customer loyalty in the long run. Additionally, it’s also an excellent way to provide extra information about your company’s services. The touchscreens can be used to show product images, delivery instructions, and other useful information. This can be an invaluable tool for customer service and engagement, allowing customers to get the help they need quickly and easily.

Protect it and make it your own

Businesses looking to deploy parcel lockers outdoors need to be sure the unit can withstand harsh weather conditions, and that’s where UV-resistant paint comes in. This specialized paint helps protect your locker from fading, chipping, and other damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Additionally, it also offers an extra branding opportunity for businesses, as it can be customized in any color or logo. This is a great way to make your parcel lockers stand out and add an extra layer of identity to your business. 

Weatherproofing: Outdoor parcel lockers are built to withstand any weather conditions, they are built in such a manner that no matter how much it rains, the packages inside will be kept dry, no matter how hot it is outside, and the content of the compartments won’t be spoiled. The exterior structure, made out of galvanized metal sheets, can be customized with outdoor, UV-resistant paint. This makes sure that the lockers stay looking their best for a very long time. Some manufacturing companies offer rust protection warranties.

Efficient lighting systems

LED light lighting systems are a great feature to have in parcel lockers. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also provide superior illumination with their bright and glare-free lighting. Additionally, LED lights can be customized to any color you need, allowing businesses to change the look of their locker system quickly and easily. This is perfect for creating a unique and engaging atmosphere in any environment. LED lights can also last much longer than traditional lighting, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

Security is a priority when it comes to parcel lockers

A great security system is paramount in any smart locker. CCTV, motion sensors, RFID tags, and other components are key to ensuring the safety of your packages and business. By having a secure locking technology, you can be sure that only those with access to the code can open your lockers. Furthermore, it’s important to choose a system where the security can be adjusted and improved over time so that you don’t have to worry about any additional security risks. With a top-notch security system, you can rest assured that your parcels are safe and secure.

Ultra-Secure features for any business

Businesses should also consider implementing ultra-secure features such as the recognition of biometric data. This feature is not only beneficial for customers, but can also be used by companies by adding extra layers of security and providing advanced control on who has accessed the lockers and when.

Ultra-secure locker features can ensures that all access attempts are recorded and monitored so that any suspicious activity can be addressed quickly.

Parcel locker modularity & customizable compartment dimensions

Businesses should look for a parcel locker system that is modular and can be easily adjusted to suit their changing needs. This ensures that the lockers can grow with your business and you won’t have to invest in a completely new system just because of an increase in demand. 
Modular systems also make it easier to add additional features such as cameras, biometric sensors, or other security measures. Ultimately, the more flexible your system is, the better it will be able to meet changing needs and ensure that you always have a secure and reliable parcel delivery solution.

To maximize your storage space and ensure you can store packages of all shapes and sizes, opt for a parcel locker system that offers adjustable compartment dimensions. With this flexible solution, there is no need to purchase additional lockers or increase the size of existing ones; instead, simply adjust the compartments as needed to accommodate more parcels than ever before!

Software Integration

Parcel lockers also feature a security system that ensures that all users are monitored while they are accessing their packages. This level of security is something you cannot find in traditional methods like mailboxes. 

Software integration is a critical aspect of parcel locker systems, particularly when it comes to logistics. Different businesses require different types of software to function properly and offer consistent functionality across all lockers. Having an integrated system allows for the efficient management of multiple types of parcels, including those sent from different sources, and can help businesses streamline their operations.

Integrating software across different operating systems also allows for the control of parcel locker features and settings, such as drawer size, access times, and security settings. This is especially important when there are multiple types of lockers being used in different locations. Having a unified system ensures that all lockers have the same features and settings configured, allowing for efficient management of parcels regardless of location or fleet management software. 

Software integration support for different operating systems like Android, Windows, and Linux allows seemless and secure transfer of data across different new or existing systems, as well as improved scalability to meet customer demand. This ensures that businesses can keep up with growing customer needs while maintaining a consistent level of service. With the right software integration support, businesses can be sure that their parcel locker systems are running effectively and efficiently.

Fleet management software

Fleet management software is an important part of parcel locker systems. It allows businesses to monitor, control, and manage all the lockers in their fleet from a single platform. This can include tracking who has accessed each locker and when, as well as being able to quickly identify any suspicious activity or access attempts. 

The right fleet management software can also enable businesses to quickly identify and rectify any inefficiencies or bottlenecks in their parcel delivery process. With access to data such as delivery times, package inscriptions, and customer feedback, businesses can better understand their customers’ needs and develop strategies to ensure they are delivering a consistently high-quality service.

Deployment and installation

Having an effective parcel locker system in place is essential for any business. However, ensuring the system is properly installed and maintained is just as important. Many businesses opt for a manufacturer-provided deployment service, which ensures that all components are correctly tested and configured before installation. This ensures that the system will work effectively and securely from the very beginning.

Having a manufacturer-provided deployment service also ensures that any technical problems are quickly resolved and that the system is always running at its optimal level of performance. This can save businesses time and money, as they don’t have to worry about troubleshooting issues or paying for costly repairs down the road.

Custom payment solutions

In addition to hardware and software requirements, parcel locker systems also require a custom payment system. This allows customers to securely purchase packages from the lockers and pay for them with their preferred method of payment. It’s important to choose a payment system that is secure, convenient, and compatible with multiple types of payment methods.

For example, the most popular payment methods include credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cryptocurrency. Having a payment system that is compatible with these types of payment methods ensures that customers can purchase packages quickly and securely without having to worry about compatibility issues. Additionally, an integrated payment system simplifies the process for both businesses and customers, making it easier for customers to purchase packages and track payments.

Wrapping things up

We can agree smart parcel lockers are a very popular, convenient way to manage parcels, and provide customers with secure, reliable delivery services. The various features they provide, the customizable columns and compartments, and the fact that they are weatherproofed to be employed successfully in any type of environment, offer lots of possibilities.
Increased security through surveillance cameras and alarm systems, fleet management software for delivery companies, all of these, and the other features described above in this article (biometric recognition technology, PIN code ready, QR code scanner, and the list goes on) add up to the long list of reasons to choose parcel lockers as a business owner. 
Knowing all these details about the features you should look for when deciding it is time to move on to parcel lockers, all that is left is to find the right company to help you with the production of the perfect smart lockers for you. It’s not an easy task, but now that you have insights into the various options that a parcel locker can encompass, you are better prepared to ask the right questions. 

Arka's secure parcel lockers are the perfect choice for businesses looking to take advantage of this technology. Our company offers a wide range of features including customizable columns and compartments, weatherproofing, biometric recognition technology, PIN code-ready systems, QR code scanners, and more. 

Our team also provides professional deployment and installation services to ensure your system is up and running quickly and efficiently. With our secure payment system, you can rest assured that your customers will be able to purchase packages without any compatibility issues – making it easier for them and simpler for you to track payments. Learn more about how Arka’s parcel lockers can help your business succeed.