ARKA takes part in a unique Stand-Up Paddle project in Romania, marking the fifth of its kind in Europe

Tue Jun 20 2023

We are thrilled to have been able to participate in a unique project in Romania and the fifth of its kind in Europe - stand-up paddle (SUP), according to one of the two initiators, Mr. Andrei Pața.

In an interview with the press, Mr. Andrei Pața explained the functioning of the new business:

"Through our collaboration with ARKA Industrial Automation, a Romanian company, and our knowledge as programmers, we have developed a fully automated locker that allows individuals to rent SUPs directly through a mobile application. There is nothing like this available in Romania and there are only approximately four similar investments in Europe. The boards are manufactured by us in Tulcea, making everything proudly made in Romania.

The locker itself is a secure box with 16 storage spaces specifically designed for SUPs. It can be accessed without the need for human interaction, relying solely on a QR code.

Essentially, a person scans the QR code on the locker and downloads the application. They can easily create an account using their phone number, scanning their personal documents and having their identity verified directly within the application. Once these steps are completed, they are able to rent a board. The locker opens, providing access to the board, a life vest, a paddle and a waterproof pouch for their phone to ensure its safety in case of accidental water exposure. They are then free to enjoy their time on the lake."