ARKA supplies 2000 parcel lockers to FAN Courier, Romania's leading courier company, with an investment of nearly €19 million

Tue Nov 21 2023

ARKA Smart Parcel Lockers has successfully manufactured 1000 lockers for FAN Courier and has received another order for 1000 lockers, showcasing their latest innovations. 

The AK 202 Parcel Locker, tailor-made for the FANbox network, is designed for outdoor use and offers a user-friendly interface with many advanced electronic and security features, a rack system, and parcel detection technology.
Currently, the locker network has expanded to cover all urban centers in the country, and the company continues to install them in both major urban areas and remote residential locations far from well-known city centers. Additionally, the courier has enabled the option to redirect door-to-door shipments to lockers, providing customers with more choices for receiving their shipments.

ARKA's software solution powers strategic partnership for FANbox network development

Two years ago, ARKA's software solution was strategically chosen by FAN Courier when they initiated the development of their network. This allowed them to seamlessly integrate and customize the Locker Central Management Software for their network.

Exploring sustainable delivery solutions: the packaging recovery initiative

ARKA and FAN Courier, in collaboration with another partner, are exploring the possibility of implementing a packaging recovery system. This initiative aims to enhance both speed and flexibility in deliveries while aligning with sustainability goals. It also underscores the commitment to becoming an environmentally friendly solution, reducing carbon emissions by consolidating multiple packages into a single delivery point and supporting the recovery and recycling of packaging materials.