ARKA Smart Parcel Lockers was chosen by DPD Slovakia to start its parcel locker network

Wed Dec 06 2023

DPD Slovakia has made the strategic decision to collaborate with ARKA Smart Parcel Lockers in their ambitious project to start their parcel locker network. This decision follows an extensive and meticulous evaluation process to identify the ideal provider for their needs. 


Ultimately, DPD Slovakia decided to collaborate with ARKA to provide comprehensive hardware and software solutions, marking a remarkable achievement on their path. They started the acquisition of 240 state-of-the-art Solar Powered Battery Lockers, showcasing ARKA's dedication to innovating the Last Mile Delivery Segment.


ARKA started manufacturing for DPD the most technologically advanced locker of the moment, the locker enjoys the peripherals of the classic locker in the energy autonomous locker. Among these peripherals are 7-inch LED touch screen display, QR scanner, Pin pad, CCTV system with SD memory, alarm system with vibration sensor and siren, video surveillance, LED light system, 4G mobile router and Bluetooth communication. The locker is equipped with an encrypted electronic key for easy access and maintenance traceability, as well as a rack system that enhances accessibility.


When it comes to software, DPD Slovakia will enjoy the advantages of The ARKA Courier Software Pack which includes an agnostic Smart Locker Management Platform, fleet administration panel, and a mobile app.