ARKA joined a fully eco-friendly initiative led by the Sibiu Municipality's Pilot Project

Wed Sep 06 2023

On Friday, August 11th, the Belvedere Park, located in the Tilișca neighborhood of Sibiu, was inaugurated. This investment, totaling 3.9 million euros, covers an area of 6.4 hectares of land. It marks the first park development in Sibiu over the past 30 years. Moreover, it signifies an urban revitalization effort wherein a previously unused area gains public utility. The event was attended by several officials, including the Mayor of Sibiu, Mr. Astrid Fodor.

The park includes both relaxation and exercise zones. In support of the eco-friendly initiative, over 600 trees and more than 6000 plants have been planted. Additionally, the park offers over 48,000 square meters of green spaces, featuring children's play areas, sports courts, a zip line, hammock spots, benches and relaxation areas.

At the opening, various activities and workshops were conducted for both children and adults, along with a drone show. Attendees had the opportunity to witness physical exercise demonstrations, mini-golf, soccer, basketball and pump truck cycling, as well as magic shows. Educational workshops about the park's plants and selective waste collection were also available, alongside a flower pot painting workshop and an informative session on park maintenance.

ARKA's Contribution through the Sibiu County Municipality's Pilot Project

To ensure effective organization and enhance visitor comfort within the park, a complimentary temporary storage service was provided for personal belongings. Through the Sibiu County Municipality's Pilot Project, ARKA installed and implemented lockers designed to serve this purpose, featuring compartments of varying sizes to cater to diverse storage needs. The locker software is intuitive and user-friendly. These lockers are specifically designed for outdoor use, manufactured from galvanized steel and painted in electrostatic field. The lockers are equipped with electromagnetic lock systems, a professional AXIS Security System and an LED light system.

ARKA’s parcel lockers benefits

Security: Lockers provide a safe and secure place to store personal belongings such as bags, valuables and electronic devices. This helps prevent theft and unauthorized access to your items while you enjoy the park's facilities.

Convenience: Carrying around heavy bags or worrying about your belongings can be cumbersome and distracting. Lockers allow you to free yourself from the burden of carrying your items and enjoy the park's attractions more comfortably.

Freedom of Movement: Without the worry of guarding your possessions, you can fully engage in physical activities, enjoy rides and explore the park without restrictions. This enhances your overall experience and enables you to make the most of your visit.

Protection from Weather: Lockers shield your belongings from adverse weather conditions, such as rain, extreme heat or strong winds. This ensures that your items remain in good condition throughout your park visit.

Customized Storage: Different locker sizes are often available, catering to various storage needs. Whether you're traveling with a small bag or a larger group, you can choose a locker size that suits your requirements.

Enhanced Experience: By offering locker facilities, parks show that they prioritize visitor comfort and convenience, leading to a more positive overall experience for visitors.

Promotes Longer Stays: Visitors may be more likely to spend extended periods in the park if they have the option to store their belongings securely. This can lead to increased revenue for the park through additional purchases and longer stays.

The development of the park and the provided facilities

The park was developed from scratch, involving the excavation of 60,000 cubic meters of soil and reshaping the slope through the use of ballast and crushed stone. This process created four circular terraces, each designed to accommodate areas of quietness and relaxation. Around 25,000 cubic meters of fertile soil were spread to support the green area, featuring 585 trees from 20 species, 6,000 perennial plants and 48,000 square meters of green space. A panoramic terrace platform was also constructed, offering views of the Cindrel Mountains and the Cibin River. An energy-efficient public lighting system consisting of over 200 lighting poles of varying sizes, 37 ambient lighting projectors, a water ring and a multicolored illuminated water fountain were installed. Additionally, six drinking water fountains were positioned, including two for pets. The park offers urban furniture, two self-cleaning automated public toilets and 11 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Visitors to the park can enjoy strolls along paths, relaxation on 40 benches and a hammock area and engage in sports like soccer, basketball, handball and volleyball on the multifunctional court. The park also features minigolf on an artificial surface, a fitness area with four senior and disabled-friendly fitness equipment on a 150 square meter field, a pump track for cycling enthusiasts, a 20-meter mini zip line and a slack line. Moreover, children have access to a comprehensive playground equipped with various equipment and there's a dedicated area for pets.

Energy for the park's lighting and some of its consumer needs is supplied by three solar panels, each generating 2.1 kW/hour. An innovative aspect is the maximization of energy production through movable flower-shaped panels that track the sun's position, a unique feature in Romania.

Info and photo source:;; Sibiu Independent