ARKA will join MODEX 2024 at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, US

Fri Nov 24 2023

MODEX 2024 - a platform to gain insights into the latest trends

As the speed of manufacturing and supply chain operations continues to accelerate, MODEX 2024 becomes the epicenter for forward-thinking decisions. The event is designed to address the industry's evolving challenges by providing end-to-end solutions that enhance agility, efficiency, and transparency in supply chain operations.

MODEX 2024 offers attendees a platform to gain insights into the latest trends, emerging technologies, and equipment. With 150 educational sessions, four keynotes, and exhibits from over 100 leading providers, participants can explore the full spectrum of what's happening now and what's on the horizon in the industry.

MODEX 2024 is not just a local event—it's a global gathering. Professionals from the manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation sectors, totaling over 45,000 attendees, will converge to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities. The event fosters an environment where networking goes beyond borders, allowing participants to gain insights from diverse perspectives.

Education is a cornerstone of MODEX 2024, with 150 free educational sessions and four powerful keynotes from industry experts. Participants will have the chance to learn about key industry trends and innovations that can transform their manufacturing and supply chain operations. Whether staying updated on the latest technologies or understanding market dynamics, MODEX 2024 offers a wealth of knowledge.

Star product of the ARKA’S portofolio

Be curious! Come and visit our booth where we will showcase many lockers, including our star locker - the AK 3C ECO solar-powered battery locker, which we consider to be the future of last-mile delivery. Although it is an energy-autonomous locker, this innovative locker enjoys the peripherals of the classic locker, marking an essential change in the industry.

In conclusion, MODEX 2024 is a pivotal event in the manufacturing and supply chain calendar, offering an unparalleled opportunity to witness the industry's present and future in action. As the world accelerates towards a more connected and efficient end, MODEX 2024 provides the platform for professionals to stay informed, connected, and at the forefront of industry innovation.