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Classic & Autonomous Parcel Lockers

Discover ARKA’s range of lockers: the classic one, with LED screen touch display, the battery locker which doesn’t require connection to the electrical grid and the postal locker with specific features such as printer, weigher, even ultra secure software features, dedicated to public institutions.

    Agnostic Software

    Invest in a custom-made locker network, enhanced by our agnostic software, which enables new ways to approach the parcel locker business and maximize profit.

      Customizable Hardware & Software

      Our standard lockers are available as default, but we also offer highly customizable locker options, both hardware (metallic & electric) and software, to suit your business requirements.

        Sustainable Energy

        Our delivery solutions reduce carbon emissions by 95%, making this a truly extraordinary achievement! Moreover, our Energy Autonomous Locker is growing in popularity thanks to its advanced technology and photovoltaic solar panel recharging system.


          against door-to-door delivery


            per parcel compared to traditional delivery


              LESS FUEL CONSUMED
              based on a 2016 study

                Upgrade your delivery business with our 
                High-Quality Parcel Lockers

                Attract new customers, secure a turnover increase and reduce the operational expenses.

                AK 300 EKO autonomous parcel locker side view

                AK 300 EKO AUTONOMOUS LOCKER

                The Autonomous Locker is eco-friendly and uses Bluetooth connection. It acquires a photovoltaic solar panel recharging system and it’s easy to transport. It can be installed in a few minutes, in any location, as it does not require connection to the electrical grid.


                Several features & services:

                • Bluetooth connection

                • GSM communication with CORE software

                • Security alarm system

                • Photovoltaic solar panel recharging system

                • QR code scanner and PIN pad (optional)

                • Light system (optional)

                • Fleet management software

                AK-201 Automated Parcel locker side view

                AK 201 SMART PARCEL LOCKER

                This parcel locker model is the preferred locker by many courier companies who just started developing a parcel locker network, due to its classic, intuitive and easy to use style.


                Several features & services:

                • Outdoor use (excellent performance in between -25°C and 70°C)

                • Customizable compartment dimensions

                • Rust protection with 10-year warranty

                • Fleet management software

                • Deployment

                • LED touchscreen display

                • Modular system

                AK 300 Ultra secure parcel locker side view

                AK 300 ULTRA SECURE LOCKER

                The most essential feature of the Ultra Secure locker is the recognition of biometric data. Through this software feature, new services can be developed to innovate different industries such as financial and pharmaceutical.


                Several features & services:

                • Mechanical ultra secure structure

                • Outdoor use (excellent performance in between -25°C and 70°C)

                • Customizable compartment dimensions

                • Rust protection with 10-year warranty

                • GSM, 4G mobile redundant and encrypted communication

                • Alarm system and video surveillance

                • Ultra secure software feature - recognition of biometric data

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                Highly Customizable Indoor or Outdoor Lockers

                Whether you need a specific size or configuration, we can help you build a parcel locker tailored to your business. 
                With our customization options, you can successfully accomplish deliveries in the most effective way.

                Different size compartments opened

                Any compartment type and size 

                Either you need multiple compartments for different parcel sizes or compartments with special drainage system, subject to the weather conditions of the area where the lockers will be located, we can create a locker that perfectly suits your demands.

                  Multiple compartments columns close-up

                  Any number of columns

                  New columns can be added at any time together with additional smart lockers acquisition. If needed, the reverse is also possible. We adapt our lockers to your needs!

                    Parcel locker POS close-up

                    Many optional features

                    Subject to the industry of your business, we can configure a locker with specific options such as: weigher, thermal label printer, PIN pad, proof of delivery and many others.

                      Parcel locker CCTV camera close-up

                      AXIS video surveillance solution

                      Over 16 image settings attributes. Security: password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPSb encryption, IEEE 802.1Xb network access control. Analytics: AXIS video motion detection active tampering alarm, audio detection, supported AXIS cross line detection.

                        SaaS for the Smart Locker Software Platform

                        With our Smart Parcel Locker Network SaaS offering, you can easily integrate and customize the Central Management Software of your Smart Parcel Locker Network, all while supporting a variety of OS systems like Windows, Linux and Android. Our platform provides a comprehensive solution for seamless front-end operations with hassle-free deployment and maintenance experience.

                        Programming team at work on their laptop writing software

                        Seamless software integration with
                        Arka Software Platform


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                        Premium support and maintenance

                        We can provide SLA for software and hardware at international level


                        We can provide a complete solution for the smart locker deployment meaning transport from the factory, to the place where the locker will be installed.

                          Assembly & installation

                          Our experience directed us to perfectly streamline the deployment process. The assembly and installation processes are handled with precision and care, in optimal time.

                            Service & maintenance interventions

                            Our team of certified professionals are able to schedule various types of interventions, whether on-site or remote.

                              Personnel training

                              Arka team is dedicated to ensuring that your staff is trained and ready to adequately use the locker network.

                                Online & Call Center support

                                Our specialists are pleased to provide support or take action using coordinated IT and video monitoring.

                                  Trusted leading edge automation company

                                  We understand that business success relies heavily on the efficiency of the production flow. For this reason, we have built one of the most advanced parcel locker factory in Central Europe. We have optimized every part of our production process with highly automated solutions for folding, welding, grinding and laser cutting - all in an effort to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

                                  Arka Industrial Automation receiving the Most Innovative Product in Delivery Services award

                                  We produce award-winning parcel lockers


                                  Govnet organized the 8th edition of the Courier & Postal Services Business Awards for Excellence. Arka joined this unique event, together with the most significant names in the industry. Our company had the honor to receive the award for the "Most Innovative Service/Product in Delivery Services" for our Ultra Secure Smart Parcel Locker.

                                    Arka team photo inside the most advanced industrial automation factory in Central Europe

                                    16 years of experience in industrial automation


                                    The rigorous requirements of the industries we worked for, have built us detail-oriented and inclined towards innovation. For this reason, since we entered the courier industry, we are constantly a few steps ahead, due to our advanced knowledge in technology.

                                      Arka Industrial Automation's most advanced factory for parcel locker production

                                      One of the most advanced locker factory in Europe


                                      Our latest generation equipment used by the mechanical processing department includes CNC miling machines, optic fiber laser machines, Abkants, Kuka robots for serial production, CNC turning machines, welding machines and the list goes on.

                                        Arka electrostatic high quality paint shop

                                        Robust and functional quality control program


                                        Our rigorous quality control measures ensure precision and accuracy from custom designed electronic components to the finish in our electrostatic paint shop. Every product goes through extensive testing to ensure it meets our standards and exceeds customer expectations.

                                          Companies we work with

                                          We are proud to collaborate with some of the most esteemed organizations in the industry. Our clients trust us to provide quality services and reliable solutions in order to meet their expectations. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with these exceptional companies and help pave their way to success.

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