Mr. Ulmanu Lucian speaker at the "SMART INDUSTRIES" Conference, organized by Concordia and BCR in partnership with The Financial Newspaper

Wed Jun 19 2024

Recently, Mr. Lucian Ulmanu, CEO of ARKA Smart Parcel Lockers, participated in the "Smart Industries," a conference organized by Concordia and BCR in partnership with The Financial Newspaper, in Romania, Brasov.  

The event underscored the exceptional ability of the Romanian industry to reinvent itself as it navigates the challenges posed by dual transitions towards green and digital economies, all while prioritizing sustained investment and innovation.

Insights from Industry Leaders

The summit also discussed reindustrialization and the synergy between green and digital transitions. This panel included Horațiu Țepeș, Founder and CEO of Bilka, Lucian Ulmanu, CEO of ARKA Smart Parcel Lockers, Violeta Balint, General Manager of Sennheiser Brașov, and Bogdan Cernescu, Head of Corporate Banking at BCR. The panelists explored how Romania could advance as a regional industrial leader.

Mr. Ulmanu highlighted ARKA's significant international progress, noting, "We have one of the largest smart locker factories in Central and Eastern Europe, and we operate in the Romanian and international markets. Recently, we have begun to gain significant ground internationally," stated Mr. Lucian Ulmanu at the summit.

Mr. Ulmanu underscored the essential importance of scaling operations correctly. "We are not just scaling; we are scaling correctly. I firmly believe that process optimization is one of the most significant hidden losses in any company, be it a production company or not." he emphasized. 

In looking back on the company's journey, Mr. Ulmanu shared that ARKA was accredited by ANRE to conduct comprehensive audits for various factories six to seven years ago. "We have audited everything from farms to arms factories and chemical plants, and we have learned a great deal. We decided to bring something new to the market by implementing energy efficiency measures. Our goal was to optimize production processes by reducing production times for both people and machinery," explained Mr. Ulmanu, emphasizing ARKA's unwavering commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.


The "Smart Industries" conference highlighted the ongoing evolution of the Romanian industry and the pivotal role of innovative practices and technologies in driving future growth. With companies like ARKA leading the way, the sector is poised for a dynamic transformation and expansion on the global stage, promising a bright future for the smart industries sector.